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We are
John Cockerill

We are
John Cockerill
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CMI Group goes back to its roots in 2018. It takes on a fresh perspective, inspired by the visionary spirit of its founder. CMI becomes John Cockerill again.

Think different

Where some see difficulties and challenges, here at John Cockerill we see opportunities. In 2018 this capacity to think differently led to revisit our strategic roadmap. It has to be said that since 2012, when we first drew it up, the world has changed considerably.

When it celebrated its bicentennial in 2017, the Group honored its past and revisited the history of John Cockerill. Through his entrepreneurial outlook, we have reformulated the vision and mission of our enterprise: to enable opportunities which provide responses to the needs of our time.

In particular we have chosen to focus our actions on the preservation of natural resources, green mobility, sustainable production, fighting against insecurity and access to renewable energy.

As we undertook this exercise, the similarities between our ambitions and those of our founder stood out starkly. It is this connection that convinced us to take on the name of John Cockerill once again to begin a new chapter of our adventure.

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Responds to the needs of our time

Making renewable energy available when and where it’s needed. In MiRIS, John Cockerill has started Europe’s largest pilot project on industrial energy storage. The solution is aimed at making isolated regions self-sufficient in energy and allowing grid operators to exploit the full potential of renewable energies.

Working toward 100% green transport… No CO2, no NOX. In its HaYrport project, John Cockerill is experimenting with hydrogen produced from water. It is hoped this will be used to make Liège Airport self-sufficient, and emission-free, in meeting the fuel needs of its fleet of shuttles, taxis and handling equipment.

Producing electricity around the clock thanks to the sun… The Group has signed its fourth order for a thermal solar power plant in Dubai. It will be the highest in the world.

Beginning the hunt for micropollutants from pharmaceuticals. MEDIX®, John Cockerill’s pilot waste water treatment plant for a Belgian hospital, has delivered on its promises. Using bacteria in a solution that is simple to roll out and without risk to man, animals or plantlife.

Combatting insecurity… With the agreement signed within the context of the CAMO armament program, the Group is supporting the Belgian Army in its missions, by maintaining their systems at an optimal level of readiness.

A few of the many inspirational examples of our potential.

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In phase with the growth ambitions

Turnover, new orders and 2018 operating result – all are in line with the Group’s growth ambitions. Following a mixed year in 2017, this year has been among the best in our history.

Although not all areas are feeding into results as yet, all have made progress in expanding the Group. Services have beaten their record turnover and flow of orders. The Industry sphere is in good health as a result of a revamp and diversification of its operations, together with the recovery of the steel market. The Defense division has excelled in the realization of the main contract signed in 2014 and is continuing to amplify its presence in the US, in Europe and in South-East Asia. The Environment division is showing good prospects and Energy is preparing new solutions that are entering the market.

In 2018, our Group has established itself in Kenya, Central and South America and bolstered its presence in New Caledonia, Alsace (France) and Spain.

It’s clear : John Cockerill plans to continue its growth.

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Stronger together

Our Group is richer by the day. Richer in diversity, richer in committed talents who are aware that they are stronger together. Who work in an ever more stimulating environment to provide made-to-measure solutions for their clients.

Just like John Cockerill, thinking about the future means giving new sense to the vision and mission of our Group. Shedding new light on our activities. Helping clients looking for solutions. Making sense of the daily activities of the 6000 members of staff who make up the Group. The worthy successors of a valuable heritage who are proud to contribute to improving the world they live in.

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Cultivating innovation

In 2018, four start-ups were spawned from our new innovation platform. A real game-changer for fresh ideas that will open to the outside world in 2019, becoming one of Europe’s largest commercial incubators.

Industry 4.0 concepts are gaining ground every day in John Cockerill solutions. As of 2019, we will examine new business models to further align with our aspiration to provide global solutions that go far beyond the traditional provision of equipment.

To support these developments, the Group has set up an investment fund. John Cockerill has linked partners who believe in our ability to bring original solutions to the market in line with emerging needs.

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Enabler of opportunities

John Cockerill is more than ever undergoing a full transformation and is looking to continue to think differently; by combining existing applications to create new, practical solutions, in line with changes in society. This with a pioneering perspective, attentive to our teams, open to the world and categorically supporting our customers…

Along with the perspective of an enabler of opportunities.