New identity

From John Cockerill
to CMI. From CMI
to John Cockerill.

From John Cockerill
to CMI. From CMI
to John Cockerill.
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Back to original values and mission: CMI takes the name of John Cockerill (again).

As a matter of course

This became evident - CMI needed to return to being John Cockerill.

The passion shows from the sparkle in John Cockerill President Bernard Serin’s eyes, as he explains the reasons for this choice: “In 2017, we celebrated 200 years of industrial adventures. As part of this we have taken back our history. That of a founding entrepreneur, a pioneer in Industrial development on mainland Europe. Also that of its successors who have perpetuated this entrepreneurial spirit, this capacity to offer practical solutions to meet the needs of their time.

In resonating this story around the world through our staff, our customers and our partners, we are aware of the enthusiasm and tremendous human warmth that that has brought out. We’re really proud!

For more than 150 years now, our company has proudly borne the name of John Cockerill. A name subsequently hidden in the acronym CMI, where ‘C’ means Cockerill. We are more than happy with what we have accomplished under the name CMI, obviously. However, there are currently hundreds of different companies and organizations out there worldwide with this acronym which, over the years, has become too impersonal. It no longer reflects our uniqueness of over 200 years.

Boldness, vision, entrepreneurial spirit

Bringing new solutions to our clients and partners, in line with their needs and the constantly evolving problems they face. This project is perfectly in tune with the image deriving from our distinctive name. I am convinced that, as worthy heirs of our founder, we are entitled, and have a duty even, to reconnect with this name. We are carrying forward the venture of the great man whose name it was. And let this conviction shine a light on our future. This became evident – CMI needed to return to being John Cockerill.”

Consistency and cohesion

You know,” Jean-Luc Maurange underlines, “this change gives sense to what we do every day, each in his own position. John Cockerill and his successors have all provided responses to the needs of their time. This is what we continue to do today, with concrete solutions that give us great pride to conceive.

More than 6000 persons are now continuing this mission on a daily basis, all under the same banner, with a clear vision, shared objectives and common values. Inquisitive, open to the world and to the expressed needs of our clients. Wishing to combine expertise and technologies, to perfect what already exists, to experiment with new methods in order to achieve their objectives.

We have worked on our identity and our strategy at the same time. They are indivisible. Taking into account what we wish to be, what we are today, what John Cockerill was in his time and what his name represents today, everything is in line, everything is coherent. When this new identity was presented to the Group’s personnel, I saw and shared only enthusiasm, pride and cohesion. I am delighted to now share it with our clients and partners.”

January 2019. More than 1,000 employees are invited to the Group’s annual management meeting. They participate in an inspiring presentation of the new identity and then proudly pose on the photos that will make up the “We are John Cockerill” fresco.

The symbols of the new graphic image

Starting with a stylized coat of arms, a stoic witness to a great corporate history, and yet very contemporary.

The coat of arms opens to show John Cockerill’s initials.

One half is raised, evoking and displaying our desire to think differently and to look towards the future.

The two halves respond to each other, fitting together, instilling the combination of talents and different tech- nologies and our capacity to adapt to our customers’ needs.

The monochrome offshoot depicts the effectiveness and reliability that is expected of our teams.